TitlePLUS - Filing a TitlePLUS Proof of Loss

Before you file your claim
Provide as many relevant documents as you can when you file the claim. This will save time in processing your claim.

 -For tax and water arrears, this includes an invoice that shows the arrears, your attempts to contact the vendor about the arrears, the Agreement of Purchase and sale, the undertaking to pay arrears to date of closing, the registered Transfer, and Statement of Adjustments. Also let us know if you have paid the arrears yourself already.
 -If your claim is regarding a problem with a structure on your property, please attach any order you have received from a building department, conservation authority or other authority.
 -If you believe there is an encroachment onto or from your property please provide evidence such as an up to date survey.

LAWPRO Personal Information Notice for TitlePLUS Policyholders regarding the Claims Process:

Please be advised that all personal information provided to and/or maintained by LAWPRO in respect of a TitlePLUS claim may be (a) collected and used to handle the claim, which includes determining the extent of insurance coverage (if any) and investigating, evaluating, negotiating, litigating and/or resolving the claim; and (b) disclosed to third parties involved in the claim (including counsel, adjusters, experts, mediators and adjudicators, other insurers and Law Society Funds for Client Compensation), to the extent disclosure of personal information is necessary for the handling of the claim.

Click on 'Proceed' to indicate that:

  1. you are the policyholder or the policyholder's authorized representative;
  2. you consent to the collection, use and disclosure described in the statement above; and
  3. you want to proceed to the next step in filing the Proof of Loss.