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Providing Notice of a CLAIM

Only lawyers or their authorized representatives may provide notice of claims under their LAWPRO® policy.

When to provide notice of a CLAIM

Requirements of the LAWPRO Policy: Through the provisions of the LAWPRO insurance policy, you have a contractual obligation to provide notice of any incident that has resulted in or could give rise to a claim. The policy also requires you to provide notice of any such incident promptly, and to not take steps on your own. These steps may make the situation worse, and could jeopardize your insurance coverage.

A claim is broadly defined as any written or oral demand for money or services; or any written or oral allegation of a breach in rendering or failure to render PROFESSIONAL SERVICES by the lawyer.

Requirements of the Law Society: Rules 7.8 - 2 and 7.8 - 3 of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Law Society of Ontario oblige lawyers to provide notice of any circumstance that may reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim.


How to provide notice of a CLAIM

You can either:
  1. Submit your claims notice online by completing an online Claim Notice Report; or
  2. Notify LAWPRO in writing using the following format*:
Required information:
  • your name, the name of your firm, full mailing address, fax number and e-mail address
  • name of your client
  • brief description of your retainer, stating when you were retained, why you were retained and the nature of the claim
  • the manner and date on which you became aware of the potential claim
  • any pertinent documentation
  • the amount of potential DAMAGES
  • a chronology of events
Submit to:

Claims Coordinator
Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
250 Yonge Street, Suite 3101
P.O. Box 3
Toronto, ON M5B 2L7
phone 416-598-5800 or 1-800-410-1013
fax (416) 599-8341 or 1-800-286-7639
e-mail: [email protected]

* If you are unable to meet the "in writing" notice requirement due to a disability, please contact LawPRO’s New Claims Coordinator, who will work with you in order to reasonably accommodate your situation.


What to expect when you provide notice of a CLAIM

LAWPRO's duties to you
Our duties to you as an INSURED require that we defend and indemnify you1 for all sums which you are legally obligated to pay as DAMAGES arising out of a claim, provided the liability is a result of an error, omission or negligent act in the performance of professional services.

How LAWPRO handles your claim
After you have filed notice of a claim with LAWPRO, a claims professional will contact you to obtain as much information as possible and determine a strategy for resolving that file.

If further investigation is required, you may be asked to meet with an adjuster. If defence counsel is required, you can expect to be involved in their selection.

All of our counsel have been approved to do LAWPRO work. You will receive regular reports from defence counsel, copies of accounts and budgets; you also will be part of strategy discussions. By working together as a team to resolve matters, LAWPRO strives to provide lawyers with the highest quality claims service.

How do I make a TitlePLUS claim?

If you are a TitlePLUS policyholder and wish to file a claim under your policy, please see How do I make a claim? on the TitlePLUS website.

1 Subject to the exclusions, conditions and terms of the POLICY.


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